LPBC (basic conventions)

LPBC (basic conventions)
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Based on the 2007 ABTA Software of the year award winner

  • Runs on Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8

  • For Mac Click Here to download Bridge Baron Teacher. All lessons are purchased from with in the program it self.

  • Teaches you these conventions: Blackwood / Takeout Doubles / Strong 2C Opening Bids / Preempts / Stayman / Jacoby Transfers / Weak Two-Bids

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What is LPBC?

LPBC compared to Bridge Baron's conventions practice module

  • Learn Conventions allows you to practice each convention in Bridge BaronLPBC teaches you six conventions in depth using the interactive Bridge Baron Teacher architecture, and allows you to practice these conventions as well.

  • LPBC teaches you and allows you to practice responses and rebids for conventions, while Bridge Baron does not offer practice of responses and rebids for conventions.

  • In LPBC, if you make an incorrect bid, the program usually explains to you what is wrong with that specific bid. In Bridge Baron, the program does not explain to you why a specific bid is incorrect.

  • LPBC has an improved user interface