Support Policy

Here are a list of items covered/supported by our Bridge Baron support team.


**We support the following software titles**

Bridge Baron 27, Bridge Baron 26, Bridge Baron 25, Pat Harrington Lessons 1-6 and 7-13, Audrey Grant Bridge Basics 1, mobile APPS (Android, Nook, Kindle Fire, iPad, iPhone), Tournaments, Learn and Practice Bidding Conventions.

**What we support**

We support all Great Game Products software (ie, bridge baron) related issues including, but not limited to, downloads, installs, activations, manual activations, account lookup, usernames and passwords, online play with bridge baron, troubleshooting specific bugs or issues or any items related to our software.

**What we DO NOT support**

PC software issues not related to Great Game Products software.

PC hardware issues or errors.

ISP or network issues related to your equipment or setup within your household or dwelling.

Software/hardware training or support not related to bridge baron products.

Training related to our software products that is not technical in nature.



Great Game Products provides free support for UP TO 1 YEAR after purchase for Bridge Baron related issues / problems.