Support Tickets How To

Support ticket information

  1. Please fill out as much information of the support ticket.

    The image below shows an example of a support ticket

  1. Once you have completed filling out the message area hit the "Send" button as shown below

  1. After you hit "Send" you should see a message about your inquiry (image below). Your access key will be display along with your ticket number. You will receive an email an email with your ticket number (Highlighted in blue). Keep this email. By clicking on the ticket number in the email will open up your support ticket.

  1. Your support ticket will be opened by "clicking" on the ticket number as shown below.

  1. In your email you will receive an email with your access key and your ticket number as shown below

  1. Click on the ticket number and your support ticket will be opened. If you would like you can save this link as a bookmark to easily get back to your support ticket. Figure 6 below shows an example of the link that would be saved.