Whirlwind Bridge Books - Available in the iTunes Store

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  • Designed in conjunction with Whirlwind Bridge, LLC. Whirlwind has taught thousands of students, and won ABTA Book of the Year last year for their Cuebidding Controls workbook (which is one of the workbooks available in the app).
  • Simple, concise, easy to understand text, great for quickly learning a new bidding concept/convention or for referring back to when you need a refresher course.
  • Focuses on targeted practice exercises. Each workbook includes dozens of example bidding situations to think through - a different amount in each workbook, but the number ranges from 65 to up to 200. When you go through that many different exercises, you come out really having mastered the concept and ready to apply it next time it comes up in a bridge game.
  • Follows the convention through to the logical end of the auction. Sample exercises aren't just limited to making the correct bid the first time, but also show how to properly respond, how to rebid, etc., all the way through to the end of the auction.
  • Great way to learn on-the-go. Works whether you're online or not, once you have downloaded the content, so you can practice cuebidding on the train, or weak two bids in bed.
  • Allows you to mark individual exercises as "saved" to come back and look at later. If a specific problem is stumping you, or strikes you as a particularly interesting one, skip it for now and come back later. Or come back to it a couple months from now, and see if you have retained what you have learned.
  • Enough exercises that you will never get bored, you can always come back and review the questions a couple weeks or months from when you learn the material, and the exercises will be fresh for you.
  • Comes with first workbook, "Opening Bids At the 1-Level", for free. Each workbook after that will be $8.99. There are currently three other workbooks available now, "Cuebidding Controls," "Weak 2s and Pre-Empts", and "Strong 2 Clubs Opening Bid", with several more on the way in the near future.