Audrey Grant's Better Bridge

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Bridge Basics 1 : An Introduction
  This book starts at the beginning, introducing the mechanics of the game. It covers the..
Bridge Basics 2 : Competitive Bidding
  This book covers the concepts needed when both sides are bidding for the contract. It i..
Bridge Basics 3 : Popular Conventions
Audrey Grant does it again with an amazing new book, Popular Conventions, the third book in a series..
2 Over 1 Game Force
2 OVER 1 GAME FORCE Authors: Audrey Grant & Eric Rodwell This book covers the basics of Two-..
Improving Your Judgment 1 : Opening the Bidding
  This book introduces concepts that will have you confident and capable of making good deci..
Learn to Play Bridge with Audrey Grant (WINDOWS DOWNLOAD ONLY)
WINDOWS DOWNLOAD ONLY Runs on Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 Mac: Universal Mac OS X application..
Improving Your Judgment 2: Doubles
  Understanding the many uses of the double can dramatically improve your game. The book ..
Bridge At a Glance
  Bridge At a Glance is a quick reference of the material in the award-winning Audrey Grant ..