Bridge Baron 24

Bridge Baron 24
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System requirements and languages:

Bridge Baron 24 is currently available in English, French and German Languages

Windows  XP SP3 / Vista  / 7 / 8

Mac OS 10.6 and later (Leopard / Snow Leopard / Lion / Mavericks)


For the All New Bridge Baron 24 for Windows please check the Details tab. 

All 53 octillion (that´s 53 billion billion billion) bridge deals as possible random deals in Bridge Baron

Duplicate / Contract (Rubber)

Part score hands / Game hands / Slam hands / No trump hands

Bidding flowcharts

Bidding Interpretation

Entered deals from newspaper or other sources

Play generated deals created with the Deal Generator

Double-dummy and par-contract solvers

Challenging problem deals

Convention practice module

Play from PBN and PPL library

Save deals to PPL library

Bidding systems:

Standard American Five-Card Majors

Two-over-One Game Force



La Majeure Cinquiéme


Forum D

Build your own from more that 100 available conventions

Bidding Conventions:

1m-2NT Invitational

1NT Range

1NT-2S Minor Signoff

1NT-3C Puppet Stayman/3D 5-5 Forcing

1NT-3m 5-5 Minor Bids

1NT-3M 5-5 Major Bids

2C-2H Double Negative

2NT Range

1NT Range

1NT-2S Minor Signoff

1NT-3C Puppet Stayman/3D 5-5 Forcing

1NT-3m 5-5 Minor Bids

1NT-3M 5-5 Major Bids

2C-2H Double Negative

2NT Range

2NT-3S Relays

Allow 5-4-2-2 1NT

Allow 5-Card Major 1NT

Allow 6-Card Minor 1NT

Allow Singleton Ace or King 1NT

Artificial 2C/2D Raises after a Double




Benjamin 2-Bids

Bergen Raises


Both Long- and Short-Suit Game Tries



Checkback Stayman

Control Responses to 2C Opening Bids

Control-Asking Bids

Control-Showing Cuebids


Delayed Splinter Bids

Delayed Two-Suited Bids


DONT Notrump Runouts.



Eastern Cue-Bids

Epsilon Control Ask

Exit Transfer Notrump Runouts.

Extended Stayman

Feature-Asking 2NT


Forcing 1NT over 1H/1S

Forcing Major Raises

Fourth Suit Forcing For One Round

Fourth Suit Forcing To Game

Gambling 3NT

Gamma Trump Ask

Garbage Stayman


German 2C Relays


Graded Ogust

Grand Slam Force


Helvic Notrump Runouts.

Impossible Negative 2NT

Inverted Bergen Raises

Inverted Minor Raises

Invisible Cuebids

Invitational Three-Level Jump-Shifts

Jacoby 2NT

Jacoby Transfers

Jacoby Transfer Superacceptances with Working Doubletons

Kokish Relay


Lead-Directing Doubles

Leaping Michaels

Lebensohl after Double of Weak Two-Bid

Lebensohl after Overcall of 1NT

Limit Major Raises

Limit-Plus Cue-Bids

Long-Suit Game Tries

Major-Suit Splinter Responses to 1NT

Mathe Asking Bids

Maximal Overcall Doubles

McCabe Adjunct

Michaels Cue Bid

Mini Multi

Mini-Roman 2D

Minor-Suit Stayman

Minor-Suit Transfers (with superacceptance)

Minor-Suit Transfers (no superacceptance)

Mixed Raise Jump Cue-Bid Responses

Multi 2D




Negative Doubles

New Minor Forcing

New Suit Response to Partner's Overcall Forcing

New Suit Response to Partner's Overcall Non-Forcing

New Suit Response to Partner's Overcall Non-Forcing Constructive


Preemptive Reraises

Puppet Stayman 2C after 1NT

Puppet Stayman 3C after 1NT

Puppet Stayman after 2NT

"Redouble for the Minors, Systems On "

Responsive Doubles

Reverse Drury

RKC 1430


Roman Keycard Blackwood

Rosenkranz Redoubles

Sandwich Notrump

Semi-Forcing Notrump

Short Club Openings

Short-Suit Game Tries


Snapdragon Doubles

Specific King Asks

Splinter Bids

Standard Major Raises


Step Responses to 2C

Strong Jump-Shifts

Strong Two-Bids

Support Doubles and Redoubles

Systems On after 1NT Overcall

Takeout Doubles Level


Transfer Stayman

Truscott 2NT

Two-over-One Game Forcing

Two-Way Drury

Unusual Notrump

Unusual over Unusual

Unusual Positive Responses to 1C

Voluntary Bid of 5 in a Major Suit


Weak 2-Bid

Weak Jump Overcall

Weak Jump-Shift Responses

Western Cue-Bids

Wolff Signoff

Compete in bridge tournaments:

Receive scores based on the actual tournament results from these events

2013 Spring Sectional

Winter 2013 Blue Hen Sectional

2013 Fall Diamond State Sectional

2013 NSWBA ANC Butler Open Sectional

2012 North Shore Bridge Club Super Congress

2012 NSWBA State Mixed Pairs Qualifying

Winter 2012 Blue Hen Sectional

2012 NSWBA State Open Pairs Qualifying

2012 NSWBA ANC Butler Open Sectional

2012 Cavendish

2011 NSWBA ANC Butler Open Sectional

2011 NSWBA State Mixed Pairs Qualifying

2011 Cavendish

2011 NSW State Swiss Pairs Qualifying

2011 Fall Diamond State Sectional

2011 Dave Treadwell Sectional

2011 North Shore Bridge Club Super Congress

2010 NSWBA ANC Butler Open Sectional

2010 North Shore Bridge Club Super Congress

2010 Cavendish

2009 Fall Diamond State Sectional

2009 Spring Sectional

2009 Cavendish

Winter 2009 Blue Hen Sectional

2009 NSWBA ANC Butler Open Sectional

Winter 2008 Dave Treadwell Sectional

2008 Dave Treadwell Sectional

Fall 2008 Delaware State Pairs Sectional

Fall 2008 Diamond State Sectional

Spring 2008 Wilmington Sectional

2008 Cavendish

Winter 2008 Blue Hen Sectional

2008 NSWBA ANC Butler Open Sectional

Winter 2007 Dave Treadwell Sectional

2007 Dave Treadwell Sectional


Fall 2007 Delaware State Pairs Sectional

Fall 2007 Diamond State Sectional

Spring 2007 Wilmington Sectional

2007 Cavendish

Winter 2007 Blue Hen Sectional

2007 NSWBA ANC Butler Open Sectional

Fall 2006 Delaware State Pairs Sectional

Fall 2006 Diamond State Sectional

2006 Cavendish

2006 MSWBA ANC Butler Open Selection

Fall 2005 Diamond State sectional

Writer 2006 Blue Hen Sectional

Winter 2007 Blue Hen Sectional

2005 Cavendish

Winter 2004 Blue Hen Sectional

Fall 2004 Diamond State sectional

Winter 2005 Blue Hen Sectional

Lancaster, PA Fall 1972 Nationals

Atlanta Fall 1977 Nationals

Washington, DC Summer 1984 Nationals

San Antonio Fall 1974 Nationals

Toronto Summer 1986 Nationals

Atlanta Fall 1986 Nationals

Baltimore Regional 1995

San Diego Summer 1994 Nationals

Albuquerque Summer 1997 Nationals

St. Louis Fall 1997 Nationals

Reno Spring 1998 Nationals

Indianapolis Fall 1991 Nationals

St. Louis Fall 1997 Nationals

Reno spring 1998 Nationals

Indianapolis Fall 1991 Nationals

Kansas City Spring 1993 Nationals

Boston Summer 1990 Nationals

Washington, DC Summer 1993 Nationals

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All New Bridge Baron 24 for Windows

Bridge Baron 24 for Windows was completely redesigned to offer an improved playing experience. Please scroll the page down for deatils on all new features. 

New Bridge Baron 24 card layout

**New layout, bigger cards, easy to read and easy to access.**

New Bridge Baron 24 Settings

**Our new simple quick access menu provides easy and quick changes to your Bridge Baron 24.**

Major changes to our new settings feature include:

- Settings can be updated at any time, no limitations.

- Settings is a single window with 6 Tabs that lets you manage all game settings. First 2 tabs provide configuration for deals and general game settings. Tabs 3-4 are for NS and EW Convention card management with simplified convention card Interface and Wizard. Tabs 5-6 are the same as 3-4 but used for Signaling agreements.

- Every existing convention card can be customized without the need to name it, it can be reset back to default, Unlimited named convention card are supported. Double Click convention to turn on off. Same goes for Signaling agreements, there are 3 variants that can be customized, also named signaling agreements can be created.

- One notable change is the missing Deal source. The user can pick any special kind of deal from former Deal Number Window ( the way the iPad works) , the kind of deals will be served until the user decides to 'Pick New Deal' or closes the table. 



New Bridge Baron 24 bidding window

**Bigger (and resizable) floating bidding window for easy access and better viewing of you and your partners bidding session.**


New Bridge Baron 24 info tab

**The Info tabs located on the right, replaces most of the actions from Main Menu -> Actions in BB23.**

- View Score ( Score Tab )

- Review Bidding (Review Tab)

- Review Play (Review Tab)

- Read Commentary ( Review Tab, Comment button appears when appropriate)

- Analyze Par Contract (Par Contract Tab), the calculation starts when you load the deal, if the computation is not complete there is a message saying so, and one can come back later.

- Force Bid and Force Play ( Review Tab), one can click on any Bid or play on that screen and the deal is then rolled back to that specific play bid and you are then able to choose a new one, including one for the computer.

- Take Back Bid/ Play can be done with UNDO ( bottom tool bar ) or Review Tab by click on the bid/play you want back.

- Copy Deal numbers to clipboard ( Review Tab) by just highlighting the number and using CTRL-C or Right click and select Copy.


New Bridge Baron 24 previous trick view

**Now you can view your previous Trick by simply placing your mouse on the lower right corner of the table.**

New Bridge Baron 24 review feature

**Review screen on the right will allow you to quickly view all previous tricks played, including the bidding session for that hand.**

New Bridge Baron 24 Auction interpretation

**Auction Interpretation will give you the tools you need to make the right bidding decisions.**


New Bridge Baron 24 par contract view