Bridge Deal of the Week (March 22 2017)

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 K974 Deal  


The Auction:

West North East South
Pass Pass 1♠ 2♠*
Pass 3 Pass Pass
4♠ all pass    

* Michaels cuebid - over an opponent's major opening, this cuebid shows the other major and a minor suit.

East opened 1♠, South overcalled 2♠ (Michaels - hearts and an unspecified minor), West passed and North called 3. East and South passed. West declared 4♠. We invite you to take the South seat with the objective to defeat the contract. How many tricks can you take?

Contract: 4♠ West/East

Vulnerable: none

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When defending against a suit contract try to take the tricks you are entitled to or establish your suit(s) before the declarer can discard and is prepared to ruff.

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