Bridge Deal of the Week (August 02 2017)

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The Auction:

West North East South
1 Pass 1 Dbl
4♣!* 4♠ 4NT Pass
5♠ Dbl 6 Pass
7 Dbl Pass ?

* - Splinter bid


West opened with 1, North passed and East responded with 1. South doubled – a takeout double to show 4+ spades and 4+ clubs. West bid 4♣ – a splinter bid, meaning 0-1 clubs and 17-21 HCP, showing slam interest. North showed support for spades with 4♠. East bid 4NT to ask for aces. South passed, West responded with 5♠ (2-5 keycards and the trump queen). North doubled for penalty.

East bid 6, South passed and West declared 7. North doubled, East passed. We ask you to take the South seat. Are you going to pass?

Vulnerable: both

Contract: ?


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It is clear the opponents are strong and your side is weak.

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