Bridge Deal of the Week (September 27 2017)

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  Deal  AQ2
  ♣ 1075


The Auction:

West North East South
1♣ 1 2 Pass
3♣ Pass 3 Dbl
4♣ Pass 5♣ all pass


West opened with 1♣, North overcalled with 1. East responded 2. South passed. West continued with 3♣. North passed. East bid 3 (Strength-showing cuebid), South doubled. West bid 4♣, North passed and South bid 5♣, which became the final contract.

North leads the K. We invite you to take the South seat – can you find a way to defeat the contract?

Vulnerable: none

Contract: 5♣ by West

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Ruffing your partner's ace is considered the worst sin you can do in bridge. What about overtaking your partner`s King?

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