Bridge Deal of the Week (October 04 2017)

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The Auction:

West North East South
2 Dbl 3 3♠
Pass 4♠ all pass  


South started the auction with 1♣. West bid 2 – a weak jump overcall. North doubled (+9 HCP, 4+, 4♠). East responded with 3, South bid 3♠, West passed and North declared 4♠.

West won the first trick with the A (trick 1) and led a small club.

The declarer misses the ♣A, the ♠Q and the KJ10 – which means South could lose four more tricks. We ask you to take the South seat – can you see a road to 10 tricks?

Vulnerable: both

Contract: 4♠ by South

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More important than remembering the cards played is to guess what the remaining unseen hands contain.The missing cards can be located by analyzing the bidding and adjusting the picture of the hands after each card is played.

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