Bridge Deal of the Week (October 11 2017)

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The Auction:

West North East South
Pass 1♣ 1♠ 2♣!*
4♣ Pass 4♠ Dbl
Pass Pass Pass  

* - Strong inverted minor raise, promising 8+ HCP and 4+ clubs

North started with 1♣, East overcalled with 1♠, South responded 2♣ – a strong inverted minor rise. West bid 4♣ (probably a splinter bid). North passed. East declared 4♠, South doubled and this became the final contract.

We invite you to take the South seat. Can you see a way to defeat the contract?

Vulnerable: North/South

Contract: 4♠ Dbl by East/West

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You have 14 HCP and your partner opened with 1♣. Consequently 4♠ by East/West – who are not vulnerable – must be a sacrifice.

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