Bridge Deal of the Week (January 31 2018)

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♠ J95
♣ AK73
♠ AK7
♣ J6


The Auction:

West North East South
Pass 2♣ Pass 3
Pass 4NT Pass 5♠
Pass 6 Pass Pass


South started with 1. West passed. North responded 2♣. South jumped to 3 (at least 6 hearts and +14 HCP). North, who had a 2-card support for South`s hearts and 15 HCP asked for aces with 4NT. South responded 5♠ – 2 keycards and the trump queen. North declared 6.

West led the A and won the first trick (trick 1).

Despite the great 9-card trump suit and 29 HCP this small slam is not chiseled in stone. The declarer misses the A and has a loser in spades.  What tactics would you suggest to the declarer to win 12 tricks?

Dealer: South

Vul: North/South

Contract: 6by South

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The declarer must force the opponents to discard enough times to promote one of his losers into a winner.

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