Bridge Deal of the Week (August 01 2018)

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♠ 10763
♣ AQ107
♠ AKQ84
♣ K



West North East South
  1♣ 3 3
Pass 4 Pass 4♠
Pass 4NT Pass 5
Pass 6♣ Pass 6
Pass 6 all pass  

North opened with 1♣. East overcalled 3(weak, 6-8 diamonds). South bid 3. West passed, so North and South had an unhindered opportunity to explore slam possibilities. North supported hearts – 4. South bid 4♠, first round control in spades. North showed first round control in hearts with 4NT. South bid 5(first round control in diamonds), North 6♣ (first round control in clubs). South showed second round control in diamonds with 6, North declared 6.

Can South win 12 tricks or is there a possibility for defense to defeat the contract?

West led the 3.

Vul: None

Contract: 6 by South

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South should think carefully in which order to play the cards.


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