Bridge Deal of the Week (June 20 2018)

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♠ A
♣ A64
♠ Q43
♣ K2


The Auction:

West North East South
    Pass 1
DBL 2NT! Pass 4
Pass Pass Pass  

East passed. South opened with 1. West doubled for takeout. North responded 2NT (+ 8 HCP at least 4 hearts). South declared 4 hearts.

West wins the first trick with the A (trick 1) and leads the ♣J next.

As both South / North hold three diamonds with the only stopper being the declarer`s K – how can the declarer restrict the losers to three tricks as West probably holds most of the missing honors?

Vul: Both

Contract: 4by South.


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The declarer could use loser on loser technique.



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