Bridge Deal of the Week (May 09 2018)

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♠ AKQ75
♣ 942
♠ 84


The Auction:

West North East South
2 2♠ 3 4♠
Pass 5 Pass 6
Pass Pass 6 Pass
Pass 7 all pass  

South opened tamely with 1. West overcalled 2 (weak preempt, 6 hearts). North responded 2♠ (5+ spades). East rose to 3(3-card support to hearts). South jumped to 4♠ with his meager doubleton, pushed by his 6-4-2-1 distribution and 16 HCP.

West passed. North got the infection and cuebid 5 to show first round control in diamonds. East passed. South raised to 6.  West and North passed. East bid 6. Now South and West passed.

North declared 7. West led the ♠ J. How can South win 13 tricks?

Vul: both

Contract: 7 by South.

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The declarer can choose between several paths, the outcome depends on the layout of cards.



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