Bridge Deal of the Week (May 23 2018)

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♠ A5
♣ K742
♠ K964
♣ A103


The Auction:

West North East South
  1♣ Pass 1♠
Pass 1NT Dbl 3
Pass 5 Pass Pass

North started with 1♣. South responded 1♠. North bid 1NT. South, instead of declaring 3NT with  abundance of HCP bid 3. North, who had a 3-card support for diamonds, declared 5.

West led the ♠3. Not surprisingly the declarer has a 7-card trump suit. As South can count six top tricks in side suits, the declarer needs five tricks in diamonds. But how can South win five tricks in diamonds holding a 4-card trump suit on longer hand and missing the Q?

Vul: none

Contract: 5 by South

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South has two hearts. North has two spades.



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