Bridge Deal of the Week (April 25 2018)

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The Auction:

West   North   East   South
pass     2♠       pass    4♠
all pass

You are South on this deal in a pair event, where the objective is to take as many tricks as possible, playing against expert opponents. West leads the 3, you call for dummy's 10 and ruff East's A. While there are several reasonable lines of play at this stage, say you choose to cash the ♠A and play a spade towards dummy's queen, which wins as East discard a heart. When you run the Q, West follows with the 10. Plan the rest of the play.

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You are assured of ten tricks, and should try to score 11 tricks. With the diamond finesse working, there seems to be little to play. When things look rosy, as they currently do, you should ask yourself what can go wrong.

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