Bridge Deal of the Week (February 28 2018)

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  Deal   ♠ 84
    ♥ A743
    ♦ J95
    ♣ K1094


The Auction:

West North East South
Pass 1NT* Pass 3
Pass 3NT Pass 4♠
Pass Pass Pass  

* - forcing one round

In a matchpointed pair event, South becomes declarer in 4♠ after announcing a powerful hand with spades and diamonds. Partner opens the K. It doesn't appear as though you can defeat the contract, but you still need to take all the tricks that are rightfully yours. What are your thoughts?

It is standard to give attitude to partner's honor lead in suit contracts. However, when declarer is unable to produce the A, partner will know that you hold the card. Does this change anything? Is your play to this trick suit preference? Even if partner does interpret your play as an attitude signal, should you play an encouraging 7 to signal for a heart continuation, or a discouraging 3 to ask for a club switch?

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Declarer should have 6 spades and 4 or 5 diamonds for his bid. He should have most of the missing high cards in spades and diamonds (if not all). These facts should influence the card you play at trick 1.

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