Bridge Deal of the Week (June 20 2018)

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The Auction:

West North East South
    Pass 1
DBL 2NT! Pass 4
Pass Pass Pass  

East passed. South opened with 1. West doubled for takeout. North responded 2NT (+ 8 HCP at least 4 hearts). South declared 4 hearts.

West wins the first trick with the A (trick 1) and leads the ♣J next.

As both South / North hold three diamonds with the only stopper being the declarer`s K – how can the declarer restrict the losers to three tricks as West probably holds most of the missing honors?

Vul: Both

Contract: 4by South.



South won the first trick with dummy`s ♣A (trick 2) and immediately cashed in the ♠A (trick 3). Now the declarer led a small club to the ♣King (trick 4), led a spade from hand and ruffed in dummy (trick 5).

South led dummy`s last club next and ruffed in hand (trick 6). Still there seemed to be no solution to the problem of diamonds. The declarer led the ♠Q from hand and as West covered with the King, didn`t ruff in dummy, but discarded a diamond instead allowing West win the trick (trick 7).

West led the A promptly (trick 8) and led another diamond next, but the declarer had already secured the contract. South won the trick with the K in hand (trick 9) and could claim the last four tricks as dummy had only hearts left (tricks 10, 11, 12, 13).

  ♠ A  
♠ K985 Deal ♠ J10762
A 2
AQ73 J109
♣ J1093 ♣ Q875


  ♣ K2  

South used the loser on loser technique – instead of ruffing into dummy, the declarer discarded a loser diamond from dummy on the losing ♠Q. Also, West was endplayed by being given the lead and thus won only one trick in diamonds.


Par Contract Analysis

The par contract on this deal 4 ♠ Dbl -1 by East.

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