Bridge Basics 2 : Competitive Bidding


This book covers the concepts needed when both sides are bidding for the contract.

It introduces the basic competitive tools-preemptive opening bids, overcalls, and takeout doubles.

The concepts and information presented are the most current available, developed with the assistance of the game's top champions.


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Who is Audrey Grant?

Audrey Grant has an international reputation in the field of bridge education. Her vision and commitment have been key to the success of the Better Bridge series of books, TV shows, lectures, and the Better Bridge magazine. She works with the best technicians in the world to make sure the material presented to the reader is up-to date and authentic.

Audrey is the author of the official textbooks for the American Contract Bridge League and thousands of teachers have been using her methods for over a decade.

How the playing cards work?

This instructions card explains how the cards get distributed (N, S, E, W) for each hand. Also, the card explain dealer and vulnerability for each hand.