Audrey Grant's Better Bridge

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Bridge Basics 1 : An Introduction
  This book starts at the beginning, introducing the mechanics of the game. It covers the..
Bridge Basics 2 : Competitive Bidding
  This book covers the concepts needed when both sides are bidding for the contract. It i..
Bridge Basics 3 : Popular Conventions
Audrey Grant does it again with an amazing new book, Popular Conventions, the third book in a series..
2 Over 1 Game Force
2 OVER 1 GAME FORCE Authors: Audrey Grant & Eric Rodwell This book covers the basics of Two-..
Improving Your Judgment 1 : Opening the Bidding
  This book introduces concepts that will have you confident and capable of making good deci..
Improving Your Judgment 2: Doubles
  Understanding the many uses of the double can dramatically improve your game. The book ..
Bridge At a Glance
  Bridge At a Glance is a quick reference of the material in the award-winning Audrey Grant ..