Bridge Deal of the Week (July 13 2016)

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The Auction:

West North East South
Pass 1 2 5
Pass 6 Pass Pass

Your partner opens with 1 and East overcalls with 2. What should you bid? The reasonable bid is 5 as you have a good 5-card diamond suit. Much to your surprise North declares 6. Plan the play after East leads the K.


You win the first trick with the A. It seems rather a straightforward hand, to make it you just need to make the right decisions about finessing diamonds and clubs.

You cross over to dummy by playing a small heart – which you ruff and lead the Q. East and West both play low. You lead the J and this time East covers with the K, you take the trick with the A.

Now you need to solve the problem of how to double finesse clubs. If the opponents have the ace and queen and you hold the king, it is always right to play towards the king; another rule states that if the opponents have two honours, it is proper to finesse against both of them.

So you lead the ♣J from your hand, East plays the ♣5, ♣2 comes from dummy and West takes the trick with the ♣A. West then leads spades, you play a small one from hand and win the trick with dummy’s ♠10. Next you lead the ♣ K and surprise, surprise, West plays a small club, but East plays the Queen, meaning all your clubs are winners too. Now you can claim.

J43 Deal 9862
6432 KQJ1095
K8 4
A764 Q5













Although North`s 6 was rather a surprising call, it turned out to be a good contract.

Your side definitely lacked the necessary force for slam, but the contract could be made by finessing – handling the clubs in a right way and also due to luck, as the K was on the right side.

Par Contract Analysis

The par contract on this deal is 6 by North/South.

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