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Bridge Baron 30 Details
  • - Play Duplicate / Rubber Bridge games
  • - Play on Public / Private Tables (invitation only)
  • - Never waits for seats to fill; bots will play until humans show up
  • - Build your own Buddy List
  • - Undo and Claim with approval from other players
  • - Choose convention card for each partnership
  • - Bots can be Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced
  • - We have added six new Bridge Tournaments for free: the 2018 NSWBA ANC Butler Open Selection (with Butler IMPs scoring), the 2017 New South Wales State Swiss Pairs (with Butler IMPs scoring), the Summer 2017 DSBA Sectional, the Winter 2018 Blue Hen Sectional, the Winter 2017 Dave Treadwell Sectional, and the Spring 2018 Wilmington Sectional.
  • - We have added 24 new challenging problem deals for a total of 530 Challenges. Kit Woolsey, multiple world champion and author of several bridge books, designed the new deals.
  • - We have improved the graphical user interface.
  • - We have improved the bidding, declarer play, and defense

7 Bidding Systems :

Standard American 5Card Majors, SAYC (Standard American Yellow Card), 2-OVER-1,

Precision. ACOL. La Majeure Cinquieme. Forum D